Chloe Khan having SHR and Laser Tattoo Removal on Emlire V-Pulse machine at our Liverpool clinic

Former Miss GB and big brother celeb Danielle Lloyd having the 4 point tummy tuck on Empire Liposculpt 360* machine

"Had my second 4 point tummy tuck today @liverpoolchesterlipo can’t believe I lost another 1.5” from my stomach. It’s so relaxing and non invasive. It has already made me feel so much better in myself as I hate my stomach after having many operations and not able to exercise due to fibromyalgia it is giving me my confidence back. Thanks again to Ashleigh for being so polite and professional and explaining everything to me and putting me at ease. If your struggling with a flabby tummy and can’t get rid of it please ask for details and don’t suffer in silence like I was."

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